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Better Catchments

Helping landholders to achieve an improvement in management practices in line with industry standards and long term sustainability


Reef Alliance - Burnett Cropping

Reef Alliance – Growing a Great Barrier Reef is a partnership between agricultural industry groups and regional NRM bodies which is facilitated by the Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) with the goal of securing the future health of the Great Barrier Reef.

Baffle Reef System Repairs

This program seeks to curtail riparian and wetland vegetation loss and the contribution of sediment and nutrient entering the Great Barrier Reef lagoon.

20 Million Trees

The 20 Million Trees Programme is part of the national stream of the National Landcare Programme. The Australian Government will work with the community to plant 20 million trees by 2020, to re-establish green corridors and urban forests.

Reef Alliance - Burnett Grazing

Reef Alliance – Growing a Great Barrier Reef is a partnership between agricultural industry and regional NRM bodies which is facilitated by the Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) with the goal of securing the future health of the Great Barrier Reef.

Past Programs

Better Beef Program

Better Beef funded 31 on ground projects in the subcatchments of Auburn River, Cadarga Creek and Baywulla Creek that enhanced sustainable grazing on farm.

Project types included;

  • Fencing to improve pasture utilisation,
  • Fencing of high value remnant vegetation,
  • Installation of off stream watering points.

The project established a number of important industry partnerships with industry groups such as;

  • AgForward,
  • local AgForce chapters,
  • Beefplan and Landcare Groups,
  • Resource Consulting Services and
  • Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries.

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North Burnett Flood Recovery Program

The On-farm Productivity and Riparian Recovery Program was a disaster recovery package for flood impacted areas following Ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald in early 2013 jointly funded by the Queensland and Australian Government.

There are 4 key areas to the program that BCCA delivered in the North Burnett Regional Council area:

1. Riparian Stabilisation & Management program

2. Weeds-Post Flood Invasive Species Mitigation program

3. Increasing Land productivity in the Burnett Catchment

4. Floodplain Stabilisation & Management

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Burrum Reef System Repair

In 2016, through BMRG, BCCA implemented an Australian Government funded project to repair and protect river and creek banks in the Burrum River catchment, south of Bundaberg.

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Reef Water Quality Grazing

From 2013 to 2016 BCCA implemented a project on behalf of the Burnett Mary Regional Group, the Reef Water Quality Grants (grazing) and Partnerships program. This 3-year project was funded through the Australian Government Reef Program, and funding was made available to eligible landholders in the coastal section of the Burnett to assist with on-ground activities with the objective of reducing sediment flow to the reef from grazing properties.

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Healthy Habitats

Healthy Habitats was an initiative of the Burnett Mary Regional Group to protect and enhance the region’s significant biodiversity assets throughout the Burnett Mary Region in Queensland, which includes the Burnett, Baffle, Isis, Kolan and Mary Catchment areas.

Healthy Habitats was funded by the Australian and Queensland Governments through the ‘Caring for our Country’ Program.  There were three core components of the Healthy Habitats program:

  • On-ground investment in terrestrial and coastal biodiversity priority areas
  • Priority species and ecosystems research and monitoring
  • Biodiversity education and awareness raising

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The Sustainable Practices in the Western Burnett project aimed at working with graziers and grain growers in priority areas of the inland Burnett to improve management practices and increase landscape scale conservation.  The priority area for the grains component, involves grain growers in the Coalstoun Lakes, Gayndah, Binjour and Mundubbera areas.

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One of the best ways of checking on what is happening in the natural environment is to measure water quality.

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This project is a three and a half year project aiming to trial, measure and demonstrate farm technologies that reduce agricultural greenhouse gas emissions (in this case nitrous oxide or N2O), while maintaining and hopefully improving cropping productivity and soil health.

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This project provides relevant Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI), carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation information and tools to land managers in the Burnett Mary region.

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Healthy Habitats
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