Building Resilience in the Agricultural South Burnett

This project aims to build and enhance the natural disaster resilience of agricultural South Burnett regional communities.  A skilled and experienced agricultural Community Resilience Officer (CRO) will assist agri-businesses to examine their operations and determine ways to mitigate the impact of natural disasters/flooding events.

This project is funded by the Australian Government.

The Opportunity

The CROs first role is to produce a ‘Situation Analysis Report’ to describe the state of the local agricultural community at the outset of the project including the types of losses suffered as a result of natural disasters such as damaged infrastructure, loss of vegetation and soil degradation.

The analysis will establish to provide educational opportunities and proactive on-ground solutions to assist producers to stabilise and strengthen their agricultural businesses.

The next step will be to collected data from as many stakeholders as possible.  Stakeholders included local landholders, community groups, agricultural industry representatives, financial professionals and local government.  The findings will form the basis of a comprehensive Needs Analysis that will identify gaps in local knowledge and services as well as provide guidance as to the type of engagement required by landholders to increase resilience an mitigate against future risks.

Keep an eye out on our website and socials for opportunities to be involved in these capacity building workshops and training events for landholders.

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Program Sponsors

This project was supported by the following partners and investors.
Burnett Marty Regional Group
Burnett Marty Regional Group
Burnett Marty Regional Group

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