BCCA’s Katie Muller, Misty Neilson and Melinda Clarke, attended the local Monto Show on Saturday 22 April.  We saw 43 interested individuals come through out stall.

The public were able to view our Greater Glider nesting boxes, constructed by the Monto Men’s Shed, which have been installed on three properties which are known glider habitat.  The Greater Glider project aims to assist the long-term recovery of Greater Gliders within the Upper Burnett catchment.

We also had a display for our Bugs, Beetles and Biocontrol program.  Landholders were also able to see a tent of Cat’s Claw Creeper vine with actively breeding Jewel Beetles. They were able to see firsthand the affect the biocontrol beetle has on the invasive vine and receive an informative brochure about the beetles.  Landholders also had the opportunity to become part of the program, with jars of 100 beetles available for release.


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