Bugs, Beetles and Biocontrol

Transforming landscapes in the Burnett through innovative management practices

This project is funded by the National Landcare Program and will advance a range of biocontrol solutions that challenge traditional approaches and improve the way the established weed species of Parthenium and Cat’s Claw Creeper (CCC) are managed in the Inland Burnett.

It is designed to create a long-term & sustainable management of Parthenium & CCC in the Inland Burnett Region via the production & use of multiple effective biocontrol agents.


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The Opportunity

To accomplish this goal the project will establish a biocontrol breeding facilities at Monto.  In-field nurseries will be also be established to facilitate environmental persistence of biocontrol agents.

The Monto facility will  be used to produce CCC biocontrol agents (Jewel Beetle).  CCC has widespread impacts on native ecosystems, particularly vulnerable riparian zones.

For more information on Jewel Beetles click here!!

Parthenium is one of the greatest weed pest species in Australia due to its invasiveness, potential to spread, economic & environmental impacts, which include decreasing viability of livestock production, harbouring plant disease, significantly impacting biodiversity & causing health complications in humans.

There are currently 9 insects and 2 rusts (fungi) released in Australia that are used as biocontrol agents on Parthenium.    These agents wont eradicate Parthenium but instead control it by feeding and/or affecting the leaves, stems, roots, seeds and flowers.  Therefore, a combination of agents result in a greater reduction of Parthenium weed.

For more information about Parthenium leaf feeding beetles, click here!!

Initial surveys of the Burnett by Biosecurity Queensland indicate we have at least three biocontrol agents already present in the region. Therefore, we will be harvesting others from the field, particularly around the Central Queensland (CQ) region.

Targeting the upper catchment of the Burnett River system will have positive long-term impact on weed reproductive material reduction & the migration of biological control agents further downstream, expanding the control impact of this project throughout the entire catchment over the longer-term.


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Jewel Beetle – biocontrol agent for Cats Claw Creeper

Zygogramma bicolorata – biocontrol agent for Parthenium

Expressions Of Interest

If you are interested in being involved in our biocontrol program email the office – [email protected]

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Program News

BCCA @ the Monto Show

BCCA @ the Monto Show

BCCA's Katie Muller, Misty Neilson and Melinda Clarke, attended the local Monto Show on Saturday 22 April.  We saw 43 interested individuals come through out stall. The public were able to view our Greater Glider nesting boxes, constructed by the Monto Men's Shed,...

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Jewel Beetles released into the Inland Burnett

Jewel Beetles released into the Inland Burnett

𝐂𝐚𝐭𝐬 𝐂𝐥𝐚𝐰 𝐂𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐩𝐞𝐫 (CCC) is a long lived perennial vine native to Central and South America. It was introduced into Australia as an ornamental garden plant because of its vigourous growth and large, bright yellow, bell-shaped flowers it produces in spring. The vine...

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Get involved in our Biocontrol Program

Get involved in our Biocontrol Program

Burnett Catchment Care Association (BCCA) received a National Landcare Program – Smart Farms Small Grant to establish biocontrol breeding facilities in Monto.  The facility will be used to produce biocontrol agents for Cats Claw Creeper (CCC) and Parthenium....

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New Biocontrol project for BCCA

New Biocontrol project for BCCA

Burnett Catchment Care Association were recently successful in receiving a National Landcare Program – Smart Farms Small Grants Round 4 grant. Our project - ‘Bugs, Beetles and Biocontrol – Transforming landscapes in the Burnett through innovative management practices’...

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