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Reef Water Quality - Burnett Grazing

The Reef Water Quality- Burnett Grazing Project is an initiative of the Burnett Mary Regional Group and is supported by funding from the Queensland Government.  The project is coordinated locally by Burnett Catchment Care Association.

The Opportunity

The Reef Water Quality – Burnett Grazing Project is offering graziers located within the Burnett priority area the opportunity to undertake Property Management Planning (PMP) as well as access to one-on-one training and on-property cash incentives to help improve groundcover and grazing management practices.

Funding is available to graziers who develop a PMP as part of this project to undertake on-ground projects.  Example of eligible on-ground cash incentive projects include, fencing streambank for stock management, installation of off-stream watering points, remediation of erosion sites or fencing different landtypes for improved grazing management.

The target priority area has been recently extended to parts of the Burnett catchment above Paradise Dam.

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Expressions Of Interest

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Expression of Interest forms can be downloaded here!! Please return to BCCA office by 12 February 2021.


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