Twenty (20) graziers in the Burnett are now better-placed to manage their pastures following participation in a workshop and field day at Brian Pasture Research Facility in April.

The day started with discussing seasonal forecasting including resources to enable graziers to access the most up-to-date information and tools, such as the CliMate app, to help them use climate and seasonal information in decision-making. This was followed by a session on grazing management tips to help ensure healthy, resilient pastures and included time for participants to share some of the challenges they face regarding their pastures and the actions they would like to take address these. After lunch, the group headed into the field for pasture identification and a hands-on pasture budgeting exercise.

Participant feedback suggests they are keen to apply their learnings from the event. The day was also a chance to find out what else graziers need to help support them and their grazing operations. Areas of interest include improved pasture options and management and soil health. Based on this feedback, further activities will be conducted.

Speakers included Damien O’Sullivan, Jo Campbell and Mel Dayman from Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) and Peter Crawford from Northern Australian Climate Program (NACP). Thanks also to Hayley Webster, our facilitator for the day, and to Roger Sneath from DAF for his input into planning and conducting the day.

The event was a joint activity between BCCA (with funding from BMRG through the Queensland Government Natural Resources Investment Program), and DAF as part of the GRASS program (funded through the Queensland Government Reef Water Quality Program).

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