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Connecting Monto producers to build resilience

This project aims to further the group cohesion of Monto Graziers via social connectedness while also building their capacity and drought resilience. Monto Graziers is a group of like-minded graziers who provide support to each other to improve their grazing practices via capacity building and peer-to-peer influence. Under the guise of education, the group also provides a social outlet and mental health support for drought stricken graziers.

This project is supported by the Foundation for Rural Regional Renewal, through funding from the Australia Government’s Future Drought Fund.

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The Opportunity

Monto Graziers is a recently formed group of mixed age and gender graziers that are local to the Monto district. The group has an active social media presence and supports educating local graziers on all matters pertaining to grazing while providing opportunities for social connection and peer support during ongoing drought conditions.

Building Monto Graziers’ capacity and drought resilience will directly benefit local grazing families. Graziers make up a large portion of the Monto community and intertwine with many other community groups such as school, social and sporting groups. Capacity will be built via the hosting of a series of three workshops based around sustainability and improved grazing management in drought conditions. While providing opportunities to build capacity with well-credentialed consultants, the project will play an important role by informally supporting mental health and encouraging social connection.

A social atmosphere will be provided at each workshop so that graziers are encouraged to network and take advantage of peer support. Graziers will build capacity to improve their grazing practices in order to increase drought resilience and providing such education will lead to better environmental stewardship and increased overall business success for local graziers.

As a result of building the capacity of individuals, the Monto Graziers group will itself gain momentum with the aim of continuing as a successful group into the future. A side effect of a well-performing group is a strong social connection with like-minded individuals and a strong support network that can be relied on in difficult times.

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