This project is a grassroots habitat protection/restoration and community education initiative with the primary goal of aiding the recovery of the endangered greater gliders in the Burnett region.

The project’s primary object was to enhance the presence, abundance, reproductive outcomes, and overall recovery of the hollow-dependent Greater Glider by addressing its key threats through increased nesting habitat and landholder education.

Current achievements:
– 8080 x hectares (targeted by habitat enhancement activities)
– 11 x locations (enhancement sites)
– 69 x den sites installed (carved hollows & nesting boxes)
– 264 x participants (workshops & events)
– 76% of all public access observation records for the Burnett (since 2010 have been reported by citizen scientists involved in this project)

Habitat enhancement activities occurred across multiple private grazing production properties and a mining rehabilitation site currently managed by the Department of Resources (Queensland) in the Upper Burnett with citizen science and community education focused across the entire Burnett catchment (an area 25% larger than SE Qld & two-thirds the size of Tasmania).

The habitat enhancement activities of this project were completed in November 2023 with monitoring and citizen science activities ongoing (The final project report will be released after monitoring is completed).

To report a greater glider sighting in the Burnett contact ecologist Misty Neilson at [email protected] or 4166 3898.

This project is supported funding from WIRES Inc National Grants Program, sponsorship from Evolution Mining and by donations received from Goondicum Pastoral Co.

It is proudly supported by: Australian Men’s Shed Association (AMSA),
Wildlife Queensland, Queensland Glider Network, Accounting for Nature Ltd, Safe Haven – Australian Animal Care & Education (AACE).

Project delivery is assisted with the support of: Habi-Tec, The University of Queensland.


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