The aftermath of a good flush in the river system can be seen across the catchment – even the dreaded Cats Claw Creeper has been knocked about.  However, in some parts of the catchment and other parts of Queensland, it wasn’t doing well anyway.  This is thanks to the release of one of the two currently available biocontrol agents for Cats Claw Creeper.  After releasing the ‘tingid bug’ in sites across eastern Queensland, 80% of sites have seen the population establish and weaken the weed species.  (Check out for more info.)

However, it seems perhaps the drier climate that we’ve been experiencing in the inland Burnett has produced less than favourable conditions for the same ‘tingid bug’ species.  The major release in February 2008 amongst a 20ha infestation along the Boyne River seems to have not been able to sustain the bug and 2 years down the track, no evidence of their ever being there is present… even after the good rains of the past months.

Have you had any success with the release of this agent in your area?  We’d love to hear!  Drop us an line at [email protected]

Before and after: April 2008 (2 months after release) and February 2010 (2 years after release)

One year in the damage is evident No damage evident

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