Today I met with Mike Webb, the Burnett Inland South Local Government Association Cluster (BISLGAC) Weed Management Project Officer based in Kilkivan Shire.  Because BCCA don’t want to duplicate the efforts of others and offer help where needed, this was a good chance for me to get a heads-up on what BISLGAC have planned.

The BISLGAC includes the Kilkivan, Wondai, Nanango, Murgon and the Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Councils in close partnership with the Burnett Mary Regional Group (BMRG).  They are well into the process of developing four weed demonstration sites.  Their target species include: African Love grass, Giant Rat’s tail grass, Parthenium and African Box Thorn.  If you have any of these species or are even just interested in weed control methods, I suggest you keep a close eye on BISLGAC in the coming months!  For more information on BISLGAC’s demonstration sites, contact Mike at the Kilkivan Shire Council by phone: 07) 5484 1133 or email: [email protected].

Michelle – Project Officer

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