BCCA in collaboration with Gympie Regional Council (GRC) are well into our ‘Community Sustainability Action Grant’ project, which aims to monitor current infestation levels of Rubber Vine (RV), Parthenium Weed and Honey Locust (HL) in the Barambah, Boonara Creek and sections of the Moonda Waamba Creek located in the GRC area.  The project is funded by the State Government acting through the Department of Environment and Science.

Weed control contractors commenced Parthenium treatment in December 2018, after the area received adequate rainfall to promote weed germination in mid October 2018. The project areas was found to have
a higher Parthenium infestation level than initially anticipated.

Initial Rubber vine and Honey locust treatment on the Lower Barambah and Boonara Creek was conducted in December 2018. The conditions were favourable for weed treatment and has been finished ahead of schedule. The drone survey was conducted on 14 May 2019.  The results of which will be used to determine any infestations in steep and difficult terrain in early winter when the Rubber vine is in flower and therefore visible by the drone.



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