The much anticipated launch of the ‘Gully Erosion – Options for Prevention and Rehabilitation’ manual will take place in Biggenden and Kingaroy this month. The soil conservation manual, which incorporates the experience and knowledge of two of Queensland’s expert soil conservation officers – John Day and Bob Shepherd.

Burnett Mary Regional Group’s Soil Conservation Officer, John Day will launch the manual during a field day hosted by Burnett Catchment Care Association on Thursday 16 May in Biggenden 9am-12.30. John will lead participants through a number of field examples with reference to the book. Please RSVP to BCCA for catering purposes.

The manual is based on experiences from the Burnett and Mary Catchments in Queensland and provides a comprehensive guide to erosion and options for its prevention and rehabilitation of gullies. As quoted in the manual “Erosion occurs when wind or water forces the movement of soil and rock particles. These natural processes have, over time, shaped the topography of the landscape. The amount of soil or rock displaced at a site depends on the natural vegetation cover on the land, the intensity, duration and frequency of the wind and rain events and the erodibility of the soils and rock at the site. All human activities, including food production with domesticated animals and crops, have the potential to initiate and exacerbate erosion to varying degrees. One of the most visual and destructive forms of erosion is gully erosion.”

For your copy of the book click here!!



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