The rainy weather held out just long enough for 29 enthusiastic growers to attend the Healthy Soils/Healthy Crops workshop on Friday 2 February at Russ & Dieta Salisbury’s shed at “Braeside”, south of Monto.

Facilitated by experienced field agronomist David Hall, the one-day workshop provided information on different soil types and the physical properties of those soil types, including filtration properties. David gave advice on how to interpret soil test results and how to use those results to formulate a plan to manage or improve that soil based on its intended use.

Following the initial session, growers attended a soil pit specifically dug for the workshop. David described different aspects of the soil from the top of the pit to the bottom and demonstrated different ways to sample, nourish and work the soil.

The workshop offered very practical learning, encouraging Growers to take a hands-on approach. David provided opportunity for all attendees to seek individual advice regarding their own soil tests and remedies and feedback from the event was very positive.

Sincere thanks must go to Russ & Dieta Salisbury for being our hosts for the day, arranging the soil pit and allowing us the use of their shed. Thanks must also go to local agronomist, Kendall Muller of Farmstuff Monto for pre-arranging the soil tests.


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