On a warm Monday in November an enthusiastic group of 17 met in Monto to learn about multi-species cover cropping with Graeme Hand and Colin Seis.

Colin Seis is a pioneer of Pasture Cropping and recipient of the Bob Hawke Landcare Award. He discussed the advantages of annual cover cropping and perennial cover cropping and proposed that both techniques can be used to create mulch, control weeds and improve soil health and carbon levels. Colin has done extensive trials in multi-species cover cropping including plants such as radish, turnip, sunflower, brassica, cereal rye, buck wheat, oats, millet, vetch and clover.

Graeme Hand is CEO of Stipa Native Grasses Association and advocate for the benefits of native grass for pasture. He advised the group on selective and rotational grazing techniques that maximise the production of perennial natural pastures and hence improve landscape function, soil health and overall profit.

After Graeme and Colin’s presentations, the group attended Gary & Lyn Muller’s property to assess pasture condition and discuss practical cover cropping techniques. Many thanks to Gary and Lyn for their hospitality.


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