Hi, my name is Sarah and I have recently come on-board with BCCA as the Community Resilience Officer, taking over the facilitation of the North Burnett Natural Disaster Resilience Program (NDRP).

I come from a rural background; our family owned a piggery on the Darling Downs since I was quite young. Since completing a Bachelor of Business Management degree, I worked as a Human Resource Consultant for a business advisory firm in Dalby. More recently, I managed our family piggery and cattle operation on the Downs before we decided to sell. I have also worked in administration in a large-scale feedlot, so I have done my fair share of work in intensive industries!

The NDRP’s aim is to assist agriculturalists in analysing their operations and equipping them with the necessary skills to become more resilient in order to mitigate the negative effects of natural disasters in the region.

I really enjoy working within rural communities and am looking forward to coordinating workshops and field days that will provide valuable information for rural industries to become more resilient.

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