Young Beef Producers Forum

Thursday and Friday 17-18 November 2011at Roma

Check out:

“The YBPF is a two day conference focused on providing educational, networking and capacity building opportunities for u40 year olds with an interest in the beef industry.

Now in its seventh year, the YBPF is of the highest quality, inspiring, engaging and life changing – equipping young beef producers to make a difference in all aspects of their lives, including on-farm, off-farm, family, personal and business related areas.

This year’s program has been developed for young producers, by young producers, through a steering committee sharing their perspectives & ideas and coordinated by the Future Farmers Network.

So whether you’re a beef producer, involved in a family business or have a connection with the industry, this year’s Young Beef Producers’ Forum is simply not to be missed.”

Just in time for the Roma Races the following weekend!

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