If you have a weed that you come across on your property or on your fishing trip around the Burnett and you come across a plant you think might be a weed, what do you do?

If you have a smartphone or tablet (aka Android or iPhone/iPad) then you can download the FREE app produced by the Weed Society of Queensland.  Follow the links from their website www.wsq.org.au to download the app!

BUT DON’T FRET if you don’t have a smarty-pants phone.  This app is based on the widely popular ‘Weeds of Southern Queensland’ booklet that was recently revised and published in 2011.  You can get hold of one of these booklets from BCCA or you can request them from the Queensland Herbarium in Brisbane or by phoning on 07 3896 9326.

But wait, the Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC) have also developed several plant ID apps for Android and iPhone tools.  You can download the FREE apps from www.grdc.com.au/apps

Its always a good idea to be on the look out for weeds!

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