Flood Recovery projects across the Burnett following Ex-TC Ostwald are wrapping up at the end of this month.  BCCA are proud to have partnered with landholders across the North Burnett and with other organisations to provide quality flood recovery assistance.  There has been major earthworks along floodplains and riverbanks protecting high quality agricultural land, vital data collected about how the soils in our catchment respond to flood events and supporting workshops and documents produced that are relevant to our region.

One specific project was the weed control activities that landholders were undertaking with herbicide provided through BCCA.  More than 100 landholders took up the opportunity to spray Parthenium, Giant Rats Tail grass, Rubber Vine, Cats Claw Creeper and Hymenachne along the creekbanks and floodplains.

To bring you the story about one landholder in the upper reaches of the Burnett Catchment, BCCA partnered with Associate Media to share the story of what methods are being undertaken in this region to manage Parthenium weed, a weed that has gained much momentum following the floods in 2013.


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