Are you keeping any eye out for new weed patches either in your creeks or on the areas of land that were inundated with water this year?

Specific weeds to keep watch for especially in the northern and central Burnett areas are Parthenium weed and Giant Rats Tail grass as they are found in our pastures and are Class 2 weeds, requiring landholders to managing any infestations that are found on their property.

BCCA is working with Burnett Mary Regional Group, North Burnett Regional Council and the North Burnett Landcare group in tackling weeds this coming Summer.  If you find either of these weeds on your property or Rubber Vine or Hymenachne contact us to see how we might be able to assist.  Phone or email the Monto office 07 4166 3898 or [email protected].

Biocontrol agents for Cats Claw Creeper are being bred by the North Burnett Landcare group and will be available soon.

(Image: Central and North Burnett Times clipping, 10 October 2013).

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