Two-thirds of Queensland is drought declared and producers are potentially facing a second failed wet season. The few patchy rainfall events haven’t brought much relief to those areas desperately needing it. Even if it does rain in the next few weeks, it may well be too late for useful pasture growth, so it is timely to review and critically reflect on our drought action plans and develop a way forward.

Join FutureBeef senior extension officer Roger Sneath as he discusses:

  • the current situation: some reflection on the drought situation, planning, critical dates and action plan
  • the year ahead: developing fodder budgets, how much pasture and water is there, adjusting cattle numbers to match availability, even if there is good rain in the next few weeks, will it grow enough pasture for the year ahead?
  • what are the options – sell, agist, feedlot, production or survival feed? What other management considerations are there? We will discuss some spreadsheets that can assist you in decision making
  • feed supplies: what is available at what cost, and how to cost nutrients in feed.

Join presenter Roger Sneath, Senior Extension Officer (FutureBeef) along with hosts Jon Condon (Beef Central) and John James (FutureBeef).

Friday 28th February 2014


Via Webinar (requires computer or iPad and internet connection)

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