Celebrating World Wetlands Day 2009

World Wetlands Day is an annual celebration to mark the date of the adoption of the Convention on Wetlands on 2 February 1971.

On this day each year it is hoped people will be provided with an opportunity to look at local wetlands and their interconnections with the environment.

Wetlands can provide many benefits such as wildlife habitats, filters and recreation areas. But our activities in the river basin can affect them. Both the things we do and don’t do – like not fixing oil leaking from a car or the chemicals we use on our gardens – can wash into creeks and rivers during storms and greatly affect wetlands.

To help people find World Wetlands Day events, there is a list on the ‘Wetland Wiki’. This year’s celebrations include artistry, making music, brekkie with the birds, wetland walks and talks, canoeing, rush planting and much more. There are events listed for Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

If you are organising an event please add it to the website by creating an account and logging on to the wiki, or by contacting Wetlandcare Australia

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