This practical workshop will explore the following topics:

  • How to start a mosaic burning pattern on your place—going from current patterns to mosaics to get the most out of your productivity and ecosystem
  • Mosaic burning for threat reduction
  • How to use fire as a sharpened tool, not a blunt instrument—humans may have worked out how to make fire millions of years ago… but we’re still working out all the things it does!
  • Understanding Scale, Frequency and Season when using fire on your particular land type.

Featuring guest speakers……..
Don Sands— CSIRO Fire Ecologist and Entomologist
Sean Ryan— Private Forestry Southern Qld (PFSQ)
Bill Schulke—DPI (DEEDI)

Where: Goomeri Golf Course, Goomeribong Road, Goomeri
When: Friday 30 July, 9am—4pm
Includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea

RSVP: Please call Penny Kennedy on 4168 6179 or 0419 442 325

More info: click here!

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