Pest fish can go relatively unnoticed unless you’re an avid freshwater fisherman, especially in the wetter season we’re having.  Tilapia is known to exist in the Burnett Catchment, however since the 2010-11 flood it was caught in the Burnett River just near Mundubbera.

Would you know what to look for if you found a pest fish species such as Tilapia?

The best tip is to take note of where you found the unusual fish, what it looked like and if possible take a few good photos.

The Queensland Fisheries department has some helpful information on ‘How to Identify Tilapia‘ as part of their Stop the Spread: Preventing tilapia establishing in the Murray Darling Basin program.  You can read up on this by clicking the above link or checking out

(Newspaper snippet from Central and North Burnett Times, 22 March 2012)

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