North Burnett graziers have benefited from the Beef Economics Workshops run in the region funded through the SuperGraze program.  SuperGraze is a cross regional initiative of the Federal Government’s Caring for our Country program aimed at enabling Southern Queensland graziers to build productive, resilient and sustainable grazing management systems.

The workshops held at Gin Gin, Monto and Gayndah were hosted by the Burnett Catchment Care Association (BCCA) and were presented by Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries (DPI&F) officers, Roger Sneath and Ken Buckley.  BCCA and DPI&F were very pleased with the workshops attendance, with over 50 people taking part in the full day events.

The workshops involved providing graziers with decision support systems in the form of simple spreadsheets, developed by DPI&F, to help determine the profitability of their grazing enterprise.   The spreadsheets help answer questions like, what are the economics of breeding cattle versus trading or selling weaners to the feedlot or Jap Ox and is supplementary feeding profitable?

“Although the spreadsheets looked quite complex at first, it was a lot easier to understand after a couple of scenarios were punched in and a lot of round the table conversations.  I am confident that these spreadsheets will become useful tools within my own enterprise,” said Mundubbera grazier Mr Mark Berthelsen.

These workshops are only one component of SuperGraze which has also provided funding to 27 graziers to implement on-ground activities that will help enhance the sustainability of their grazing enterprises.  Such activities include, fencing off different landtypes to allow for different grazing management or alternative watering points to take pressure off creeks.

If you would like more information regarding SuperGraze log on to website or call BCCA on (07) 41653551.

DPI&F Extension Officer, Roger Sneath and Booubyjan grazier, Dean Rockemer

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