BCCA have worked alongside RCS Consulting and know of many others in the catchment who do also.  They’ve joined forces with Entello Group and The Right Mind to put on a webinar info night for farmers to inform and inspire now that the clean-up and recover from the floods is well underway. 

The cost for the evening is $20 and three speakers Terry McCosker, David Hanlon and Brian Costello will be delivering information to help inspire, motivate and encourage the next step to recovery.  Terry’s delivery in particular concentrates on pasture management, livestock production and tips for managing flooded country. Terry will also touch on alternate actions if you are badly affected by the floods and what the opportunities are going forward. 

A webinar requires a computer, internet connection and speakers and you will need to register to gain a login and password.  Information and registration can be made at www.entellogroup.com.au/webinars. 

The webinar will be held 7pm Friday 4th February.

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