BCCA is offering to undertake Property Management Plans (PMP’s) on properties participating in the Reef Rescue program in the Burnett region.  This free service is available to graziers that wish to possess a detailed plan of their grazing property.

The process will involve BCCA sitting down and discussing your property, such as going through the different landtypes on your property, land condition, weed issues, along with setting priorities for how you want your property to look in the future.  We will provide you with plenty of maps, such as an updated satellite image of your property, landtypes, infrastructure, and help you map out the weeds present on your property.  Of course the bonus is that all of this will be done at no cost to you, BCCA will do it all for free!!

If you are interested in undertaking a property management plan, and you are a Reef Rescue participant, please contact us on (07) 41663898, or [email protected]

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