“Well Eddie, I think I’d like to use a lifeline: I’d like to phone-a-friend”. Do you remember those words from what became the infamous quiz show, ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’?

Consider this into your calculations: a well managed Spotted Gum Forest can produce over 1 cubic metre of timber per year and that current value of that is in excess of $100.  With an expected hardwood timber shortfall of over 50 000m3 per year, that’s $5M per year that could be used by landholders in our region.

The Burnett Catchment Care Association (BCCA) is arranging an opportunity for you to do just this to discuss matters of the farm in relation to private native forestry.  With native forestry experts Sean Ryan (Private Forestry Southern Queensland), Dave Taylor (Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries) and Sam Slack (Slacks Timber) available on the phone during a teleconference to be held on October 7th, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and answer questions and to learn about what the future can hold for our native forests, after the sunset clause on our State Forest Hardwood resource in 2024.

Starting at 7.45pm, you don’t have to travel to town, you don’t have to get changed from your work gear and it’s all free.

BCCA agree with our experts that there is a need to plan where the timber and native forestry industry are headed after 2024, and landholders can play an important part in this.  The teleconference is part of a pilot project by Private Forestry Southern Qld and BCCA to understand the relations between each of the industries bodies: the landholders, processors, natural resource management groups and government.

Following on from this will be a native forestry field day run by Private Forestry Southern Qld on Wednesday October 15 at Duffin’s property at Monogorilby, starting at 9am.

To register for the teleconference on Tuesday October 7th, starting at 7.45pm, or for more information please contact the BCCA office on 4165 3551 or [email protected].
Registrations close Monday 6th October at 4pm.

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