‘Regenerative Agriculture’, a Healthy Soils workshop, will demonstrate some of the cutting edge strategies on how to create healthy soils, grow more grass and increase profits.  If you’ve ever been interested in learning more about the application of bio-char, compost teas, carbon management and/or microbes to a grazing enterprize then this is a chance for your questions to be answered.

Presented by Grazing BestPrac, the workshop will be run over two days Wed 3rd and Thurs 4th December 2008 at ‘Stowe Park’ at Calliope.  Soil nutrition specialist, Ray O’Grady will be sharing his practical knowhow and experience to help land managers and interested people learn more about the benefits of healthy soils!

For more information or to register please call Mick at Grazing BestPrac on 0438 395 255 or email [email protected].  The workshop covers some very thought provoking topics and you’ll come away with many ideas for your soils!

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