Farmers are being touted to appear in a new half-hour series about landholders facing impossible farming challenges but still willing to do everything they can to create a successful enterprise.

Australia is one of the most difficult places in the world to farm; but overcoming these challenges is more relevant than ever as the country heads into an uncertain future with the onset of climate change. Succeed or fail, these farmers’ efforts, experiments and outcomes will provide startling insights into how farming will have to change, the world over, in order for us all to survive.

Six farmers and their families, who are not camera shy, are required to star in this new documentary about farming where no-one believes it is possible.

Farmers with all manner of backgrounds are encouraged to apply including: old farming stock; first-timers; farmers with radical new scientific ideas or new age philosophies; bio-dynamics; traditional practices or sustainable practices.

The farmers in turn will have the opportunity to gain hands-on advice and mentoring from some of the country’s most successful farmers who have also beaten the odds.

The documentary makers are looking for farmers and/or landholders who face their own unique but extreme conditions, where growing anything seems a miracle. Each farm will present its own challenge, be it salinity, erosion, drought, flooding, or over-grazing. Each farmer will be trying to do something different. Each must adapt to their land, and make a success of their conditions, in order to survive and find farming solutions that work. For further information or to register your interest email The Edge Documentaries or contact Kylee on (02) 9413 8735.

(Story courtesy of ‘The Bugle’ 23 October 2009)

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