It’s been DRY, hasn’t it?  And now we’ve had some lovely falls across the region.  Excellent.  Excellent for growing the roses in the garden, the pastures in the paddocks, cane in the fields….. and weeds!  Uh oh!  Fear not though – if you’re in the North Burnett Regional Council area, BCCA Glyphosate_Metuslfuron_lowresis running a herbicide assistance program as part of the Flood Recovery efforts and it’s running until May this year.

Phone the office on 4166 3898 or email [email protected] to tell us where you’re located and we’ll organise an application form and property map so that you can tell us what you’ve got planned with weed control.

A few rules (there’s always a few):

  1. The only weeds eligible under this program are Parthenium, Cats Claw Creeper, Giant Rats Tail Grass, Hymenachne, Rubber Vine and Madeira Vine.
  2. Available for landholders to undertaken control along the creeks, riverbanks and floodplains.

If in doubt, phone us up!

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