Funding and labour assistance for creek bank revegetation is now available from Burnett Catchment Care Association through the Australian Government‘s 20 Million Trees Programme to help encourage landholders who live alongside our major waterways to plant native vegetation that provides important habitat for our river species.


Queensland Lungfish Neoceratodus Forsteri
Photo Credit

Many people don’t realise that the Australian (Qld) Lungfish’s (Neoceratodus forsteri) and White Throated Snapping Turtle’s (Elseya albagula) only known habitat is found in the Burnett, Mary and Fitzroy regions of Queensland. 

Floods, bank erosion, weeds, predators and overgrazing stock have devastated their original habitat being the native vegetation on the banks of local water ways.

Landholders on creeks and rivers in the Inland Burnett who participate in the project will be provided FREE labour and materials to replant native shrubs and trees to help restore the river/creek bank as habitat for our local endangered species.

White Throated Snapping Turtle’s (Elseya albagula) Photo Credit: M. Connell

White Throated Snapping Turtle’s (Elseya albagula) Photo Credit: M. Connell

BCCA will be working in partnership with the National Green Army to implement the program and are seeking interested parties. 

Please contact BCCA as soon as possible to express your interest.

Phone: 07 4166 3898

Email: [email protected]

Expressions of interest due by 11 May 2016



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