Have you heard of FeralScan?

FeralScan is a free resource for landholder, community groups and pest controllers which can be used to report pest animal sightings and the damage they cause.  It allows landholders to report pest animal sightings and damage quickly through either their mobile phone, tablet or computer. Developed by the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions, FeralScan is used throughout Australia, mapping a range of invasive species including wild dogs, Indian mynas, feral pigs, rabbits and many others.

The data is used to improve knowledge on how pest animals move through the landscape in response to control activities, as well as identifying areas where they are causing the most impacts. This will enable local governments to develop and implement more effective pest animal control programs across the region, as well as assisting in understanding how pest animals impact our region’s producers.

Further information on the app, as well as download instructions, can be found at https://www.feralscan.org.au/default.aspx

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