Have you suffered erosion damage as a result of recent natural disasters?

Would some expert advice help you better repair this damage?

FREE support being offered to North Burnett landholders includes, a property visit by a local soil conservation specialist, to:

  • assess damage,
  • conduct surveys if necessary, and
  • provide rehabilitation advice and develop an individual erosion rehabilitation guide


To be eligible for this free support, landholders must:

  • Have had erosion damage as a result of recent and/or ongoing natural disaster events (flooding, drought etc).
  • Complete an expression of interest (EOI) form and return to BCCA by 12 July 2019.
  • Property must be within the North Burnett Regional Council area.

Please Note: Funding for this support is limited. BCCA cannot guarantee that all landholders who express interest will be assisted. Once all expressions of interest have been received, the overall need will be determined and support distributed accordingly.

To download an EOI form click here!!

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