An informative, educational and all round entertaining take on a year-in-the-life of Elsie, BCCA’s mascot for local threatened turtle – White Throated Snapping Turtle (Elseya albagula), will be up and running on this site very soon.

Elsie already has a Facebook page (link available from Better Burnett website) wiith information about her species and the opportunity to support her survival as a ‘fan’.

To compliment this, a year-in-the-life event will be documented in what will be named ‘Elsie’s Diary‘.  Keep up-to-date with what the latest movements are for the species in the local Burnett catchment area, and learn what to expect in the coming months.

Stay tuned for more information!

Elsie is a threatened species found only in the Burnett, Fitzroy and Mary catchments.  BCCA are keen to help her survive this year – and more to come!

Check out Elsie‘s Facebook page…!

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