We’re a pretty good bunch here in the Burnett: a good variety of folks doing different things; farming, teaching, building etc. and at the Burnett Catchment Care Association, we’re excited about innovation and sustainable land management. So when we hear about things such as weed control WITHOUT chemicals, we want to share it with you, in whatever industry you’re in.

This September we’ll be running a couple of workshops in the North Burnett focusing on this sort of weed control: especially, since the floods, weeds have been amplified (well, when it rains enough) and chemical is expensive.

Keep 16-18th September 2014 flagged in your diary as weed-free week and we’ll have more information confirmed for you shortly about our ‘Innovation in Weed Management’ workshops!!

But if you can’t wait, please phone or email the office and we’ll add you to our list to come along!

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