AgForce Projects is delivering a free carbon/forestry field day in the Central Burnett region of Queensland.

Where: Brian Pastures Research Station, near Gayndah

When: Friday, 20 May, from 9am – 2pm

Free and open for all landholders to attend

Topics include:

• The current carbon policy and how it affects agriculture

• Growing trees for a profit

• Environmental offsets – how does this incentive work?

• Growing trees for carbon – is there a profit to be made?

• How can trees and grazing co-exist?

• Landholder point of view on carbon/forestry

• Carbon, grazing and timber – are there opportunities?


Can landholders make money from trees while running a profitable grazingbusiness? Under the Carbon Farming Initiative, farmers will have an opportunityto earn an income from managing vegetation. This field day will look at newopportunities and discuss how they can fit in with existing farm-based landmanagement practices.In South East Queensland, non-remnant vegetation has the potential to earnproducers an income. These opportunities include growing trees for harvest,growing vegetation communities as an industrial development environmentaloffset, and as a carbon offset under the Carbon Farming Initiative. This workshopis about understanding the pros and cons of each initiative and how these couldbe included in an agricultural business.


Want to register?

To attend, please call AgForce Projects administration officer Paddy Roe on (07)3238 6048 or email [email protected]

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