A Blue Print for the Bush Pest Offensive project is being undertaken in the Control and Awareness program on Wild Dogs and Feral Pigs within the South Burnett Region.

Wild Dogs and Feral Pigs are declared class 2 pests under the Land Protection Act 2002. This establishes parameters for all tenures to actively participate in controlling and limiting dispersal of both these species.  Control options and educational material on both species area available from the South Burnett Regional Council and Bio-Security Queensland.

A Coordinated Wild Dog baiting campaign utilizing a registered Wild Dog posion (1080 – Sodium Flouracetate) will be undertaken with in the shires of the South Burnett Regional and Gympie Regional Council commencing on the 15 Sept and finishing the 19 Sept 2008.

Legal guidelines and parameters for landholders / stakeholders wishing to participate in controlling Wild Dogs / Feral Pigs have to be followed if they wish to use 1080 poison on their property.  Within the South Burnett Region accredited 1080 officers can assist you in understanding guidelines and other opions available for control prior to commencement of the Wild Dog baiting campaing.

Both these species should be considered as pests not guests.  Be active now and learn more about controlling these unwanted feral animails.

For further information contact Clynton Spencer, South Burnett Vertebrate Pest Officer on 41626257 or your local Council Pest Managment Officers.

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