The Better Burnett team have received some very positive recognition for this website recently. We have found it to be useful to keep in touch with a whole range of people and the “blog” format keeps our site fresh. However today, the 15th of October is an important day as over 15,000 blogs participate in Blog Action Day, to promote their concern for the environment in their own unique way. The Better Burnett program has delivered incentives to dozens of landholders to undertake onground works to improve their part of the world. Like the bloggers each has their own way of doing things, of improving their land and securing the future of sustainable agriculture.

Blog Action Day - Every blogger will post about the environment in their own way and relating to their own topic.

The environment and sustainable agriculture are important to all of us, and the challenges we face to make both vibrant are significant. To ensure that vibrant agriculture and a vibrant environment are part of all our future we need to be prepared to act in ways we haven’t acted before, to try things we haven’t tried before. Blogging is a new adventure for the BCCA, and maybe activity like Blog Action Day will become an important part of the mix in our race to grow healthy sustainable agriculture and a healthy sustainable planet.

Happy Blog Action Day, Dean

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