When you think of a birder, you’re probably thinking about grandma looking out the back window at the blue jay coming to her birdfeeder, or perhaps a group of middle-aged men wandering through the local park in their vests.

FairyWren_photo-Parks-Australia - Copy

Think again — there are millions of birders from all walks of life, and they’re out there looking everywhere from the backyard to the ends of the earth. I have spent the past decade traveling nonstop around the world looking for birds, and here are some of the things I’ve learned along the way.

  1. Birds are endlessly diverse and exciting
  2. If your goal is to see unusual birds, you’ll quickly get off the tourist track
  3. Birding is a social activity
  4. Birding can benefit the places you visit

Get outside this weekend and see what birds you come across!

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