On Tuesday 21st August the Better Catchment Recovery Pilot will be launched by the Honorable John Cobb Assistant Minister for the Environment and Water Resources. The launch will be held at BMRG’s historic offices in Bourbong Street, Bundaberg.

BMRG are major investors and partners in the Better Burnett Catchment Recovery Pilot


The launch will be a fairly simple function due to the time restraints placed upon the Assistant Minister, we appreciate his finding half an hour or so to spent with us.

I must also pay tribute to our local member the Honorable Paul Neville MP and his staff for coordinating Mr Cobb’s visit. They were even able to juggle itineraries when the Honorable Malcolm Turnbull Minister for the Environment and Water Resources and Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister was unable to come Monday and virtually duplicate our planned event on Tuesday.

Formalities start at 10am so please arrive at 9.45am and join us for a cup of tea afterwards.

The launch marks a special day for the BCCA with Better Burnett being the largest investment by BMRG in a single project.

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