Ag Vet Chemical Accreditation

Wed 22nd Jan 2014, 8.00 am – 4.30 pm

Gaypak, 37 Bridge St, GAYNDAH   

Helps meet your LEGAL obligations under the Workplace Health & Safety Act and comply with rural quality assurance programs such as Livestock Production Assurance, The National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme, and Freshcare etc. It also allows someone to apply for an ACDC (Commercial Operator) License under the Agricultural Chemical Distribution Control Act.

Covers the use of Agricultural Chemicals including: Safety, Label Reading & MSDS’s, Personal Protective Equipment, Legislation, Environmental Issues, Mode of Action Groups, Identifying & Controlling Weeds, Integrated Pest Management, Withholding Periods, Transport, Storage & Handling, Record Keeping, Calibrating Ag & Vet Equipment, Cleaning Equipment, Disposal of Chemicals & Containers, etc..

Download the information sheet


New $398 per person

Refresher $358 per person

Producers (New or Refresher) using chemicals through BCCA’s Weed Flood Recovery Project $348 per person

BOOKINGS & Inquiries email [email protected] or call 0438 825 370

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