Thanks to grants available for Burnett landholders some areas of  our regions endangered species habitat and threatened ecosystems be protected on private land.

Decades of population growth and the development of land for economic purposes has resulted in the clearing of many softwood scrub stands and remnant areas have now been highlighted by the state government as significant areas, unable to be cleared and in need of being retained and protected.

Areas such as Brigalow country and semi-evergreen vine thickets are being protected by fire breaks (fire is not well tolerated in these ecosystems), fences to keep cattle from bringing in weeds and trampling on vegetation, and weed and pest control to allow native species to flourish.

Over the past three years, an estimated $200,000 has been spent on protecting these ecosystems, which exist in the western Burnett, especially around Monto, and south and west of Mundubbera.

Now, a further $61,000 will be invested by the appropriately named ‘Healthy Habitats’ program together with landholders, who are able to undertake the work and contribute towards the planning of the project.  BCCA are working with BMRG on this project and with landholders in the western Burnett.

More projects will commence in early 2012. Chat to us if you’d like to take action to protect a patch of endangered scrub on your property.

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