During the development of the Burnett Baffle Community Action Plan (CAP), marine turtle groups identified the significant value of forming a Queensland Marine Turtle Network (QMTN) to address key barriers to knowledge exchange, support understanding around priorities and gaps, and address disjointed and disparate initiatives that result in duplicated effort or limit collaboration across and between Reef regions. Turtle Care Volunteers Queensland (TCVQ) took the lead and with support from BCCA in their application to GBRF for a project to identify further support for the proposed network, form a Steering Committee and host an inaugural QMTN Forum.

BCCA is proud to have been able to support this incredible project through the Community Action Plan process and being part of their Steering Committee. It is with great pleasure, the QMTN presents here the summary of that Forum, and an action plan for the QMTN’s next steps.

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