The Great Barrier Reef are delighted to announce the Accelerator Grants: Community Climate Action for the Reef has been launched.

The goal of this grant round is to accelerate community climate action for the Reef, championed by Traditional Owners, community organisations, local councils, local businesses, and youth.

Applications Close: 13 September 2023

Find out more and apply.

For your chance to win $100 gift voucher complete a very brief Social impacts of Reef Stewardship Survey to understand and showcase the impacts of your work on the Reef and communities.

Additionally, for every survey completed, the Great Barrier Reef Foundation will contribute $3-5 back to your organisation!

The programs and initiatives that your organisation delivers have significant positive impacts, not only for the Reef but also on the knowledge, capacity, motivation, and wellbeing of the individuals involved.

To further enhance our understanding and share these positive impacts, the University of Queensland is conducting an applied research project (with input from a small voluntary group of RTP community partners) and we need your support to help us gather this valuable information.

GBRF need at least 300 people to complete the survey!


Other Funding Opportunities

On-ground environmental action requires support from many levels. Below are some other funding opportunities that may help you fund your next project.

Burnett-Baffle Community Action Plan Grants (Up to $75k) – Closes 1st September
Supports projects that deliver on Priority Action Areas (Roadmaps) identified through the Burnett Baffle Community Action Plan. Learn more

View the Burnett-Baffle Community Action Plan HERE

Great Barrier Reef Marine Debris Management and Mitigation (Up to $3,500,000) – Closes 11th August
Provides innovative and targeted investment in the Great Barrier Reef to manage and reduce the impact of marine debris and help restore the health and protection of marine species and coastal ecosystems. Learn more

Gambling Community Benefit Fund (Up to $35,000) – Closes 31st August
Supports community groups with the purchase of equipment or the cost of facility improvements. Learn more

NEW Our Marine Parks Grants R4 ($30,000 – $500,000) – Closes 27th September
Support Australian Marine Park users, particularly First Nations peoples, to maintain Traditional Owners cultural knowledge and sites; enhance their capacity to engage in marine park management; support evidence-based decision making; and improve ecosystem health. Learn more

Macpac Fund for Good ($2,000 to $10,000) – Closes 30th September
Support not-for-profit organisations working on environmental and social causes related to the outdoors. Learn more

Small Environmental Grant Scheme (Up to $10,000) – Always Open
Provides support for projects that will make a positive difference to the natural living environment, in land, sea or air, rural or urban. Learn more

Purves Environmental Fund (Up to $50,000) – Always Open
Supports proposals that meet the Fund’s current focus areas: species loss from habitat destruction, landscape and water management, and climate change and solutions. Learn more

Birdlife Australia Grants (up to $20,000) – Always Open
Provides a range of grants and awards that focus on native Australian birds and their habitats. Learn more

Conservation Leadership Development Grants (Up to $5,000) – Always Open
Supports those people playing a key role in conservation projects in Australia. Learn more

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