Healthy Habitats

BCCA has again signed up with the Burnett Mary Regional Group to undertake biodiversity projects in the Burnett.  This time round, as well as undertaking projects that will help to improve the condition of some of our catchment’s assets, projects under the Healthy Habitats  banner will be related to protecting good condition native vegetation. 

3 juvenile dragons

In the Inland Burnett (ie. North or South Burnett Regional Council areas), if you already have a Nature Refuge or Land For Wildlife on your property or are thinking about registering for them, then there is funding available to help get your project up off the ground.  Up to $5 000 is available to undertake these projects, and they must be completed by 22 May 2009.

Brisbane River Turtle

Funding for up to $10 000 is also available for projects that may not be related to any conservation covernant, but will involved protecting semi-evergreen vine thicket or brigalow-belah ecosystems.

Projects may involve installing fences or watering points to manage stock disturbance or access, the installation of nest boxes to encourage wildlife into the area, weed control or a list of other activities that may be approved projects.  Follow the link to download the Expression of Interest form or factsheet.  Round 1 submissions close January 30, so get thinking about what you can do!

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