Just before Christmas, three Grazing Land Management groups in Monto, Gayndah and Kingaroy were treated to a refresher course in Grazing Land Management by the DPI&F and Burnett Catchment Care Association.  The refresher days were part of the SuperGraze program aimed at assisting Southern Queensland graziers to sustainably improve the productivity of their land. The refresher days covered:

  • Components of Grazing Lands

  • ABCD land condition and impact on productivity and the environment

  • Carrying capacities and management tools (ie. fire, tree grass balance, weeds, sown pastures etc.).

  • SuperGraze and how it can help

The members of these particular GLM groups were also eligible to apply for SuperGraze funding to assist in the implementation of on-ground activities identified in the GLM workshop series.  The groups responded well to the funding, with many taking advantage of the assistance to implement works that will improve the sustainability of their enterprises.

The groups were also offered the opportunity to take part in 2x one-day workshops or field days on particular topics of interest such as weed management, beef economics or erosion rehabilitation or control. 

Overall, the refresher days were considered a huge success with many participants grateful for the refresher on GLM principles as it had been up to 5 years since some had done the original DPI&F workshop series. 

For more information on SuperGraze go to: www.supergraze.com 


Bill Schulke, DPI&F Extension Officer


DPI&F Extension Officer, Sonia Sallur and South Burnett grazier, Michael Carroll

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