Natural Levee Bank Restoration

Year: 2014


The People

The 2013 flooding caused by Ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald damaged the natural levee bank on the Radel
property. Left unattended the break in this natural levee would leave the adjoining agricultural land on the
flood plain exposed to scouring in future flood events.
The project aimed to restore the natural levee to pre 2013 dimensions and was recommended in the Three
Moon and Monal Creeks Floodplain Management Plan Action Program 5 – Stability of creek banks and
natural levees where by it states that “Breaches in the natural levees of the Three Moon and Monal Creeks be
restored and permanent vegetation established”.

People Image

The Plan

Before being able to commence work on this project, a Riverine Protection Permit was required from the
Dapartment of Natural Resources and Mines. Once this approval was obtained, an earthmoving contractor
was employed to undertake the rehabilitation works.
Suitable fill material (sandy silt to sandy clay) was sourced and placed in approximately 300mm layers and
compacted thoroughly as the structure is restored. The final layer was topsoiled and seeded with grass and
fertilised to promote revegetation.
The restored natural creek levee was designed to prevent stream water exiting the primary channel of
Three Moon Creek during moderate flood events.

The Result

Significant flooding caused by Tropical Cyclone Marcia in February 2015 has proved the effectiveness of the project with the restored natural levee incurring no damage and the adjacent agricultural land remaining free of erosion and scouring.

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Program Sponsors

This project was supported by the following partners and investors.
Burnett Marty Regional Group

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