Burnett Catchment Care Association

Supporting Sustainable Land Management in the Burnett.

What We Do

BCCA helps land managers, industry and community improve sustainable catchment health for the Burnett, Kolan, Isis, Gregory, Elliott, Burrum and Baffle catchments.


BCCA brokers and administers funding for onground projects, workshops and events that assist Burnett region landholders and community groups improve sustainable land management. To find out what funding is currently available check out our Current Programs.

Community Groups

BCCA partners with Landcare, Producer, Local Government and other Community Groups to improve agriculture and catchment health. For current opportunities check out Work With Us and Current Programs.


BCCA works with landholders in the Burnett, Kolan, Isis, Gregory, Elliott, Burrum and Baffle catchment areas to improve sustainable agriculture.

We provide funding for onground projects, assistance with weeds and pests, property mapping , field days and workshops to assist landholders make agriculture more sustainable.


A calendar of BCCA and Catchment Workshops, Meetings and Events.


Important information about funding, support and education currently available.

Reef Trust Grazing Program

Reef Alliance – Growing a Great Barrier Reef is a partnership between agricultural industry and regional NRM bodies which is facilitated by the Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) with the goal of securing the future health of the Great Barrier Reef.


Better Catchments Program

Helping landholders to achieve an improvement in management practices in line with industry standards and long term sustainability

20 Million Trees

The 20 Million Trees Programme is part of the national stream of the National Landcare Programme. The Australian Government will work with the community to plant 20 million trees by 2020, to re-establish green corridors and urban forests.

Reef Trust Cropping

Reef Alliance – Growing a Great Barrier Reef is a partnership between agricultural industry groups and regional NRM bodies which is facilitated by the Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) with the goal of securing the future health of the Great Barrier Reef.

Baffle Reef System Repair

This program seeks to curtail riparian and wetland vegetation loss and the contribution of sediment and nutrient entering the Great Barrier Reef lagoon.

About Our Team

Meet and connect with the team behind BCCA's operations.
Katie Muller

Katie Muller

General Manager

Based in Monto, Katie has been with the Association since 2007 and has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science – Rural Technology from the University of Queensland, Gatton. Katie oversees the overall, day-to-day operation of the organisation including contract management and reporting as well as assisting in the field with Sustainable Agriculture programs.

Mobile: 0428 753 338
Email: [email protected]

Marisa Young

Marisa Young

Extension Officer

Marisa joined the Mundubbera office as an extension officer focusing on the floodplain management recovery projects in response to the flood events of early 2013. Marisa has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies from Griffith University and her background is in environmental planning and natural resource management. She and her husband and family run a grazing property south of Mundubbera.  Marisa currently manages the Better Catchments program.

Mobile: 0439 032 253
Email: [email protected]

Melinda Clarke

Melinda Clarke

Administration Officer

Melinda joins Katie in BCCA’s head office in Monto on a part time basis. Melinda has been with BCCA since August 2011. Melinda provides administration support to the rest of the team as well as acting as the Association’s secretary and assisting the treasurer with the Association’s financial operations.

Email: [email protected]

Naomi Purcell

Naomi Purcell

Extension Officer

Naomi started with BCCA in the Monto office, on a part-time basis as Project Support and Communications Officer.  Her role was to promote BCCA’s community profile using different mediums and offer general support to BCCA staff. With a Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in Management and Information Systems and a Diploma in Purchasing and Materials Management, it follows that her professional background is largely based in the fields of Administration, Marketing & Human Resources Management. She has spent her whole life living and working in rural communities and moved to Monto in 2011 after purchasing a rural manufacturing business.  Other pastimes include grazing stud and commercial cattle, farming, artificial breeding, and horse riding. Naomi currently manages the Cropping component of the Reef Alliance Program.

Email: [email protected]

Veronica Chapman

Veronica Chapman

Extension Officer

Veronica is based in Bargara, and has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science and a PhD in Agriculture from the University of Queensland as well as a Masters in Professional Accounting. Veronica  managed the Carbon Farming project which ended June 2017, she now currently oversees the Grazing component of the Reef Alliance Program.

Mobile: 0448 114 502
Email: [email protected]

Peter Crawford

Peter Crawford

Extension Officer

Peter has joined us with an extensive experience with Landcare and natural resource management, following a previous career in farming and grazing. Based in the Baffle Creek region, Peter started as the manager of the BCCA Reef Water Quality and Partnerships Grazing project, working with landholders in the coastal Burnett region who are looking to improve their grazing management skills, and who would also like to implement projects to help reduce erosion and reduce the impacts of grazing pressure on their properties. This project was completed in June 2016, and Peter is now managing the Baffle Systems Repair program.

Mobile: 0427 024 921
Email: [email protected]


The latest news from the BCCA, our current programs and sustainable land management.

The Burnett Buzz – Spring 2017

Highlights in this edition: Bull selection with John Bertram and Alan Laing Roger Stone climate workshop at Rosedale Richard Kinnon meets the North Burnett Practical assistance for graziers in the Reef Trust III priority area Chloe the koala To view newsletter click...

Pasture dieback in Queensland

Pasture dieback is a poorly understood condition that causes unthrifty growth and death of otherwise very productive sown and native grass pastures.  It has been observed across a range of soil types, landscapes locations (ridges, gullies, gentle and steep slopes) and...

Gayndah Koala Group

Koala's (Phascolarctos cinereus adustus) are currently listed as a vulnerable species state wide and are protected.  The population of Koala's around the township of Gayndah is currently healthy, with no signs of chlamydia, but with the decline of habitat and...

BCCA landholder resources and books

Burnett Catchment Care Association has many resources available to landholders.  Land type description, pasture photo standard and pasture management books, which are specific to the Burnett region, are all available to BCCA members free of charge.  We also have a...

Your say is needed!!

The Queensland Government needs your help to inform the development of a roadmap and action plan, to shape the next 10 years of research, development and extension (RD&E), to grow the agriculture and food sector.  The roadmap is part of the Queensland Government’s...

Case Studies

Sustainable Land Management case studies from projects supported or funded by BCCA.

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